BioOriginality Principle.

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Being biological means everything is networked informationally (in time and space). Originality is only from the network.

BioOriginality states that any 'original' information media in the universe are in fact the product of previous data, information, and knowledge that are formed under small number of mathematical and physical principles in the universe that formed the architecture of information (matrix, or grid structure).

Therefore, the origin of any kind of mental work can not be claimed to be 'created' and dedicated solely to one person or one information object.

This, in practical terms, means that there is no "founding father" for knowledge.  

The term BioOriginality is tightly associated with BioLicense and synthetivity.

In real life, if any web site, media, or an intellectual project on Earth is under BioLicense (hence under BioOriginality Principle), there is no 'original' founder or 'creator'.

Any present and future person/people is the "perpetual founder" of such projects. For example, the original BioPerl project license said that anyone who edited a single character of the BioPerl module became the owner and a participant of the BioPerl. Any active person in such a project is effectively the founder (as intellectual properties keep changing and even evolving).

BioLicense is under BioLicense
Therefore, the founder of BioLicense is YOU who is reading and contributing in anyway and affects the world in an indirect and direct way in the future.

Is it different from Freeware and Public Domain?
Yes, it is different. It does not advocate the 'creation' of any knowledge by one or a small number of  'original' 'founders'. There is no founder who is original and creative under BioLicense. 

BioLicense and their founders transcend time
Ironically, the founder of BioLicense will come in the future. He/she is the person who will reach to the concepts or accepts the concepts that are fundamental to BioLicense and make web sites and writes about the philosophy of BioLicense. 
BioLicense keeps asking: Is that you who founded BioLicense? Who invented BioLicense? The answer is all of us who existed, exists, and will exist in time.